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Pro7. JamieHostaのBannin . EitoRanger Gurin?

Just another silly fangirl. Bored, depressed.
A fuckin' pain in the ass :D impulsive, a sweet tooth

Cooking mama, failed guitarist XD.
Lazy as hell 'Thinking fast, acting slow' like dad says >_<
A big, big, big fan of -miyavi-.
Envious of Stich's happiness, impatient, cheeky, a big asshole XDXD. Always sleepy, absent-minded, she always draw when she shouldn't.Horror fan! Noisy, messy, mentally and sexually confused.

obsessed . SuperJunior Heroine Fan! . UnitedManiacsOfCoatWest

«Cherry Boy I'm gonna make you cry

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Japan & Korea. I wish I could travel there one day.
RAIN and Miyavi. Reita, Tacchon, Aiba-chan, Kame, all the Johnny's. Saga, Nao, Bou, Takeru. Hikaru~ Minnie, Chul, Teukie. Quite obvious
Rock. Pop. Indie. J&K-rock/pop. All the music they do.
Cosplayers. SquEnix, FF VII and Cloud. KH.
YAOI/shonen-ai/slash/BL call it as you want.
Jamie, Hachi, Chià, Honey, Kat, Stich, Lù, Giu, Nike, Dà, Maya
. All the friend i didn't write (L). Going to thel pub. Eating sushiWatermelon. Alchool. Stewie and Brian Griffin. Futurama XD Lazy Town&Pocoyo. My virtual friends <3 my Wacom. Living in Rome. FOX. Sleeping in class. Drawing during lessons. Wasting time at school. Watching Doramas. Taking nonsense (H).

× If I can't sleep. Cats. Nerds. Flower textures. Dolphines.
Everyone who hates me, I hate you too <3 Bitchies, stupid boys and kidz from 3 to 11 years old. Latin, it's a fuckin' dead language, so why I have to study it? Got up early, my stupid mobile phone, the sand in the nails. Being sick è__é. Football, with all my soul. The smell of sigar. Repeating the things I said. People who don't want to understand and to open their mind O_O

Version #1.0 ~ Aiba Masaki. Better view in Firefox.
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{Sugizo} is my Mrs.Claus

Bras? G-string? Dildo? Rain was my personal stripper on my birthday
Nothing is SEXIER than the way Rain takes off his clothes before crawling into bed with me
Rain is my V.I.P.
Rain, silence me with your lips .

Laying in the flowers with BlinkiesRainBlinkies is all I want to do Blinkies

While out with our friends, I called {Reita} his personal pet name I gave him :
and all that
{Reita} could do was BLUSH!

If boys could come on Sodamachines I would totally picked {Reita}
My umbrella lay at my feet while {Reita} kissed ME in the rain.

{Aiba Masaki's} MY cupcake! Blinkies

Bou is my own DIRTY manwhore
[Bou] is my own personal teddy bear. I can't sleep without him in my arms~!

*UNDER CONSTRUCTION waiting for the answers 8D*